Mixed Media


Urban Nature is an interior design project with nature as inspiration. All elements were chosen to be in harmony with minimalism evoquing nature at every corner. 


This restaurant has a special area for an art gallery that opens for special events and exhibits. 


The design presentation is done by hand and the graphic design like the logo and menu were done in digital. 

Poster-no text


Honorable Mention ASID

“ME AS A CHAIR” was a design competition by ASID to bring students to the challenge of creating at a different level. 


A chair does not only offers the purpose of making a person comfortable, but to make a statement. It can reflect an intention, purposely make a person sit and think about what the chair is brining into the occasion. 


My intention is to reflect nature as a mangrove tree as a means to remind us to get closer to nature and value it. 

Chair Poster


Working with recycled materials is a passion of mine. Creativity comes under limitations. The challenge of certain resources, as well as meeting a specific demand can change a designer’s perspective. I created this pendant as well as its brochure. 

Lighting Design
Lighting Design



Dali can inspire many with just a look. Using colors as shades in the skin and the differences in light, it seems as the temperature varies with the light.

Artwork Thermal Dali